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Update ThinOS on Optiplex 3000 thin client with USB?

I have googled and googled but I can't for the life of my find how to upgrade OptiPlex 3000 ThinClient with USB-stick.

I want the latest OS and when I download it form here;

I get a ISO file that I can't upload in group policy on the thin client so I was searching even more and I found this;

Then I get a .dpkg file I think it was and that don't work with the Group policy either.

How can I solve this?


Edit: I'm currently on 9.1.4097

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Normally you would use Wyse Management Suite (WMS) to centrally update thin clients.  If you wish to do lit locally and manually you can use the "Firmware" section of the Admin policy tool to upload the firmware package




Did notice that the issue was that I had expedient download and installed a old version of WMS, installed the new version and now everything works perfect

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I get it using "Dell OS Recovery tool" just download the Image you want, after that , Switch to Advanced recovery (print below) then u can select the image to a USB Drive





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