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WMS and 3010 / 3020 Settings Issues

I recently just installed WMS 1.4 after having previously used WDM 5.7.2. I did everything fresh as there were too many problems trying to upgrade / migrate on the same machine from WDM to WMS. I was able to get it all running smoothly and I visited our ~25 deployed 3010 and 3020 devices to get them factory reset and calling home to our WMS server. I also got their firmware upgraded to version 8.5_024 across all devices (I tried 8.6, but there were major problems with performance on RDP to a 2012 R2 server, so I rolled back to 8.6 due to unacceptable issues). I'm all set with a few groups and policies and largely speaking--things are working fine. However, I have run into a few unrelated settings problems that I can't get to the bottom of and am just not sure if some of these settings aren't supported on this device. Here are the matters in no particular order:

  • It seems there is now some accessibility mode enabled on the Windows 2012 R2 RDS hosts that people connect to after the firmware was updated. This is causing the onscreen keyboard option to be enabled by the clock for everyone on one of these devices as well as oddities like screen reading option prompts being presented to people from Adobe Reader. This didn't happen at all previously when these devices were on firmware version 8.1_027, nor do you see this behavior at all when connecting from a normal Windows based machine with the remote desktop software. I'm seeing no options related to accessibility on the thinclient devices, however.

  • Some options that I have tried to enable will not work at all on the device when set via WMS, but they will work if I get into admin mode on the device itself and set the option. For instance, screensaver / monitor options don't work and therefore the screens never turn off after a set amount of time. The option to make the Zero Launchpad appear only when clicking the left side of the page won't work--only the option to make it appear on mouse over does. These options will work fine if manually set on the device itself in settings, but it appears that having this set on WMS is having no bearing.

Any insights or information on these things would be greatly appreciated. Overall I like the changes made going from WDM to WMS and how easy it is to manage, upgrade firmware, etc. The end user experience for our people, though, has been a step backwards as functionality has been made worse by things like this forced accessibility stuff being on, screens not turning off after a period of inactivity or making the zero launchpad only appear when clicking the left side of the screen. Thanks for any help.

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