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WTOS 6.5.0_30 S10 - Boot straight to ICA application?

WTOS 6.5.0_30 S10 - Boot straight to ICA application?

Good morning,
I hope you are well, I am a novice at best administering WYSE terminals for thin client computing and this is my first post.

I have a few S10 WTOS WYSE clients that I currently use in the environment to connect to a Citrix farm - the users are provisioned a desktop on the Citrix application server.

I have set up a WYSE Device Manager server on Windows Server 2003 SP2 (v4.8) I have a few issues.

1. I can see the S10 terminal but I cannot take an image or configuration from the terminal
(no option while right clicking the terminal - as specified in the WYSE Device Manager Administration guide pages 34+)

Is it possible to image an S10 from WYSEDM that is not FTP? (I have the FTP server image deployment working on the same server).

2. Is it possible to boot the WYSE terminal straight into the ICA connection (no WTOS desktop, just the WYSE splash then straight to ICA server logon).

I have looked at the documentation for the WYSE WTOS.ini and have maybe come to the conclusion that the firmware will need to be pushed from FTP with configuration from the WTOS.ini file.

I have the configuration creation tool from www.freewysemonkeys.com but this doesn't really provide that option.

Is this also possible?

Kind regards



I know I don't sound very WYSE but its new to me! 

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