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WTOS 7.0_217 Citrix XenApp USB Drive Mapping

WTOS 7.0_217 Citrix XenApp USB Drive Mapping

While this may be more obvious to some, I wanted to share the command that is needed with the latest WTOS (C10 and V10 tested) in order to map local USB drives in Citrix XenApp 5/6 application farms.

After much searching, I did the un-thinkable and opened the hotfix_README.txt contained with the downloaded and discovered the following text in the 'Additional Information' section: 

If you are using Citrix XenApp and want to map USB disk drives, you will need to add "Sessionconfig=all unmapusb=yes mapdisks=yes" in your INI file. This disables HDX USB (which only XenDesktop supports) and allows the traditional disk drive mapping to be enabled.
We know have Z$ back while using Citrix XenApp with the latest WTOS.

For our XenDesktop users, we adjusted their macAddress.ini file to disable the 'un-mapping':

 Sessionconfig=all unmapusb=no mapdisks=yes
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