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WTOS Upgrade Problem

WTOS Upgrade Problem

Currently we are trying to upgrade a Wyse terminal in Asia from WTOS 6.5.0_22 to 6.5.0_40 to address a problem related to setting USB drives to ReadOnly (ref Wyse Support Case #2730534).

I am having trouble getting these terminals to update to 6.5.0_40.

Here are the troubleshooting steps I have completed:
• I confirmed that FTP was functioning properly
• I confirmed that the Wyse terminals were getting DHCP and that the DHCP options were set properly (161 & 162)
• I confirmed that the 6.5.0_40 RCA_boot and RCA_wnos files were in place
• I confirmed that Autoload was set = 2 
When I connect to the terminal via VNC I can see that the user interface is entirely in Chinese. Is there an RCA_wnos file specifically for terminals with a Chinese UI? If yes could you provide me access to it?

Please advise.

Thank you,

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RE: WTOS Upgrade Problem

If the terminal is in chinese then it will only look to upgrade to a chinese localized image which has a different extension (you can confirm this by looking a the event log and will notice the file name its looking for is differnet then the one you have). I believe what you can do is change the INI to not use the chinese keyboard (i.e. change language=us) and after this the device should look for a US image.

If that doesnt work,I recommend reaching out to your Wyse Rep to get the chinese version of build 40. I assume you are using S10 as you mention RCA_wnos file.

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