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Wyse 3040 8.6 and dual Monitors


I have about 28-30 thinclients Wyse 3040 running Windows 2016 RDS. The last ones I bought (10), I upgraded to 8.6_13 and we have problems with the screens refresh.

When I lock the windows session, a monitor is blocked and the secondary one sees everything as it is even if it is blocked.

When I change a window from the main monitor to the secondary one, and it shows parts only, having to minimize or to move so that it is seen complete.

In the image, you can see how a chrome looks with the support web when you pass it to the other monitor. It doesn't always happen, but many times.




This problem doesn't happen to me in the others I have in 8.4_105. Any ideas? Can I do a downgrade to 8.4_105?



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Re: Wyse 3040 8.6 and dual Monitors

Yup. Same here with a similar setup.  Artifacting and display tearing.  It started with firmware version 8.5_017.  I've reported it multiple times across multiple channels.  No one at Dell seems to acknowledge or care.

I've tested with 8.5_020, 8.5_024, and now 8.6_013.  All versions have the same issues.  The most recent firmware I can get to work with my environment is 8.5_012.  And that has a bug where if a user accidentally turns off a monitor it won't come back on without having to power down all monitors and the 3040 terminal then power back on making sure the monitors are on first.

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Re: Wyse 3040 8.6 and dual Monitors

I have exactly the same issue, plus the lock screen doesn't appear to allow you to unlock the session every time - often it will complain of "incorrect password", even when using the on-screen keyboard to enter the password.  It should be a simple case of using the USB boot tool to downgrade the image, however I can't see the 8.4 image available to download anywhere, and going back to 8.4 results in other issues fixed in 8.5+

I'm going to log a ticket with Dell and link back to this post, see if they can get a fix out.

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