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Wyse C10LE ThinOS

Wyse C10LE ThinOS

Hi, just a quick question about the C10lE. Our company is looking at purchasing some thin clients to run a simple terminal emulator. Can anyone tell me if the C10LE would be suitable for this? Am I able to install software directly on the C10LE?

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RE: Wyse C10LE ThinOS

Definitely not. Wyse ThinOS is a closed operating system and you cannot install any applications to the thin client. If you want to use a simple terminal emulator, you may want to look at the T50D or D90D7 which already include the Ericom terminal emulator software. If you wish to install your own, and the d=software you have is windows version your only option would be any of our WES7 devices like the D90D7, Z90D7, etc.

Roger Montalvo