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Wyse C10LE connecting to XenAPP6.5 with wnos.ini

Wyse C10LE connecting to XenAPP6.5 with wnos.ini

I am new to a company, and not versed in wyse ini files.

I need to move our wyse terminals to connect to a published application on our Xenapp 6.5 new farm. They thin clients currently connect successfully to the published app on a xenapp 5.1 farm.

What changes do I need to make to the below section of the wnos.ini so that it will connect to the published application of a Xenapp6.5 farm.

Currently I get an error when the wyse terminal boots .....DNS/WINS cannon resolve "Production"

Production is the name of the published app.

If I manually add a DNS record for "Production" in AD pointing to one of the Xen servers in the new farm it connects fine, but this doesnt seem like a good solution.

#Citrix Connection
connect=ica \
Description="Production" \
browserip=oakxenp020;oakxenp021;oakxenp022;oakxenp 023;oakxenp024;oakxenp025;oakxenp026;oakxenp027 \
Application="Production" \
password=PASSWORD \
fullscreen=yes \
Icon=production.bmp \
domainname=xxxx.net \

sessionconfig=ICA \ 

Anyone have any thoughts, or a place I can read about the syntax and setup of these ini files.

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