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Wyse T10 + Xendesktop 7.

Wyse T10 + Xendesktop 7.

How can i troubleshoot/debug it?
Wyse T10 works fine with XenDesktop 5.6. With XenDesktop 7 i have an error: after login to broker, appears "connection to session" and appears error: ICA [company $A1-1-ADC4AA46-0001]: Connection timed out.
In event log i can see:
ICA - connecting to [company $A1-1-ADC4AA46-0001]
DNS can`t resolve [company $A1-1-ADC4AA46-0001].

It seems that the reason in format of ICA file, but how can i see this file?

P.S. XenDesktop 7 through web interface in windows works fine.

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RE: Wyse T10 + Xendesktop 7.

Did you get this fixed? We had a similar issue, we had to put in the full pnagent address; below is an example.


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