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logon twice to Wyse and terminal session

Hi guys!

I have wyse 3040, Wyse ThinOS (9.1.6108).

I have citrix and horizon brockers.

I have win2016x64 terminal servers. Some work with ICA, some with Blast protocols.

Due to unauthorized access to desktops, I had to turn on the screensaver at the wyse level.

But, on the terminal server level i have screensaver too. Because have debian kiosk, aside wyse.

Wyse and terminal session lock after 10 minutes.

After the user\password at the wyse level, we go to the user\password level of the terminal server.

Is it possible to enable SSO for such situations? Employees are not very happy with entering the password twice.



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No.  password at the Wyse level can't pass through to a active session. 

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