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TCX Causing Problems on Terminal Server 2008

TCX Causing Problems on Terminal Server 2008

Hi Gang,

I've been having a terrible time w/ random crashes on a 2008 Terminal Server. So far, I've discovered the following:

1. I had to exclude explorer.exe b/c it was crashing
2. TCX is causing Adobe X to crash after 10 - 30 seconds
3. TCX causes QBHelp.Exe crash at random
4. Internet Explorer 8 will not run at all
5. TCX causes RDPClip to crash at random

When I remove TCX from the server, all of these problems go away.

I've seen people w/ the same IE8 issue, but are the others common things as well? Any fixes or workarounds? I tried calling Wyse, but I've yet to receive a return call.

We have a LOT of Wyse terminals in the field, and a fair number of clients w/ server upgrades in the near future, so our backs are pressed firmly against the wall.

Any help and/or input I could get would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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RE: TCX Causing Problems on Terminal Server 2008

What I did was open the Status screen for the Wyse C10LE while logged into a WinXP VM, as I launced applications I noticed some would cause a redirect MMR/TCX for Rich sound ( even though no sound is generated from headphone or speakers) I found applications like mspaint created MMR/TCX redirection. Id suggest doing the same for all or majority of your apps and disabled the ones that do not need MMR/TCX redirection in registry/through the TCX server application

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