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TCX and Locate Link Browser from Outlook hyperlinks

TCX and Locate Link Browser from Outlook hyperlinks

Hi everyone,

We've been rolling out a VDI pilot in our organisation, and a couple of users encountered an issue receiving a pop-up prompt to "locate link browser" when attempting to launch IE from a link in an email message (these are Windows XP VMs with Outlook 2003 and IE 8). Through seemingly endless hours of investigation, we discovered that when we had the user RDP from a physical machine to the VM, they were not prompted to locate the browser, which narrowed it down to their interaction with the C10LE unit and/or TCX. On a whim, a co-worker of mine added iexplore.exe to the TCX Rich Sound exclusion list in the registry, and like magic there is no more prompt.

We strongly suspect that this is a problem with the users' AD domain accounts, as only select users have this issue, and it follows them around like a disease on every VM in any pool from any terminal, but the vast majority of our users do not experience this behaviour. We don't know how or why it's happening, but we do know that somehow excluding the IE process from Rich Sound is a workaround that solves the problem.

I'm posting this here because, after the fact, I discovered an old post in the archived forums that seems to indicate a few people have had the same problem crop up before, and hopefully this could help anyone else in the same situation.

Cheers and good luck!


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RE: TCX and Locate Link Browser from Outlook hyperlinks

Very smart people you work with 

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