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Wyse S10 902110-01L and USB DVD/CD device

Wyse S10 902110-01L and USB DVD/CD device

Dear Forum,

This is my first forum post. I manage my wife's medical office server 2008 that uses 6 thin clients running an older ThinOS in discontinued Planar units. All is well with those.

We just acquired an S10 902110-01L hoping to add an RDP terminal with USB capability the Planar units lack. Objective is to connect a simple, cheap USB external DVD/CD reader so she can review MRI and CT images brought to her on disks (usually CD's) in the room housing the S10.

The S10 is up and running easily and server 2008 Std has assigned a license. The S10 will recognize and access a flash drive locally but not a USB powered Asus external DVD/CD drive we had previously.

Question is: Am I needing to alter the S10 WTOS or must I add TCX Virtualization software to accomplish this? What am I missing? Are there compatible and incompatible external drives?

Thank you in advance for some expert guidance, I am not an IT professional but am able to manage this small office server based network.


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RE: Wyse S10 902110-01L and USB DVD/CD device

You wont be able to map anything if your not using Wyse USB TCX redirection, that would be your first step , USB powered DVD drives might be a problem as the USB ports on they Wyse s10/c10 series do not supply a great ammount of power/amps
Example: my curve blackberry takes almost 3x the ammount of time to charge on c10le versus a standard physical machine

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