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Multiple sites using the same CRM-like software db

Lightbulb Multiple sites using the same CRM-like software db

I think I know the answer to this, but I wanted to get some further feedback. I attended a industry-specific conference this weekend where I was discussing our use of WSM as a solution. For an office that only has one location or an enterprise that has many but each site uses their own db, I feel WSM is a great improvement over their current endpoint management. Someone posed a question that got me thinking:
Medical enterprise has 15 offices. Office1 sees patient on day1. Office2 and Office3 need to be able to view and edit patient record on day2. Whether or not WSM is being used, the same challenges exist in each environment and this would solely be a matter of the limitation of the software, right?

I know that WSM will help IT centrally manage the desktops for each of the 15 offices, but if there are current limitations in their software that only allow for one connection at a time, adding WSM doesn't solve any of those problems. Any suggestions on how WSM could assist with this dilemma?

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