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Speed up WSM boot time?

Speed up WSM boot time?

Hi I was wondering if anyone has ever found a way of speeding up the boot time of clients using a streaming solution like Dell WSM? Our current solution is as follow:

Server Dell RX720: 256GB RAM,1;64TB Disk Space,2X Intel Xeon CPU,10GB NIC

Core Switch: Cisco 4500 16 X 10GB SFP Ports

Access Switch: Cisco 2960 48X1GB Ports and 2X10GB SFP Ports

WSM version 7.1

The server allows about 90 units to connect to it.

From a cold start to in Windows takes a single unit about a minute, and the user can work on the terminal. If I switch on all 90 units it takes approximately 20 minutes before anyone can start working. Is this normal behavior or is there something I can do to speed things up?

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RE: Speed up WSM boot time?

If the System cannot cope with the boot storm it's recommended to check Memory load and Disk I/O on the WSM Server plus the LAN to find out if there is enough bandwith to take additional load or if it's get saturated.
If the LAN is saturated, you may consider multicast or Client Caching, if the WSM Server is overloaded, add more ressources on this end.




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