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WSM 4.0 HQ Site Device template Issue.

WSM 4.0 HQ Site Device template Issue.


I am Working WSM 4.0 and trying to connect two WSM standalone server while making one HQ and other Linked Site , I have followed the The administrator guide and was successful SYNCING both Sites. But the Issue is that I have three different client device to use with WSM Link Site Server V00LE , R00L, Z00D. So HQ Does not allow me to create multiple device templates to used with Linked Site. It just says One Device template can be assign to one linked site. I have also tried making manual device groups and device on Link Site server but as it sync with HQ all manual configuration disappear.
Please let me know How can I make Multiple device templates and multiple device groups to work with one linked site.

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RE: WSM 4.0 HQ Site Device template Issue.

In the current version you can assign only one Device Template with a Site Template.
If you need more, you will have to create them locally and use the "Preserve Linked Site Local Data" or "Locally Managed Sites" Option on the HQ Core Servers Site Configuration Site.

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RE: WSM 4.0 HQ Site Device template Issue.

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