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Merlin (Non-PXE) Image Deployment Broken in 0A62

After imaging a Wyse 7020 client with 0A62 image, the client can no longer be updated using Merlin (Non-PXE) from Wyse Device Manager.

When deploying an image from WDM to a Wyse 7020 client, Merlin is not invoked at startup and continues to launch OS. WDM still notes the scheduled package as in Boot Stage. It is possible to invoke Merlin manually by altering the Boot Order in the BIOS to load Merlin (Non-PXE) before the Windows Boot Manager. This would need to be changed back immediately after deployment of Merlin will be called over and over.

I am not worried about upgrading to the latest image as it provides no additional **bleep** (waiting on image based on Build 14393) but worried that this would be loaded by Dell on clients sent for warranty repairs. Is there a way to downgrade the BIOS manually?



  • Wyse 7020 Thin Client running Windows 10 IoT Enterprise
  • Wyse Device Manager 5.5.1 (waiting for critical bug fixes in 5.7.3 before upgrading)
  • Tested both HAgent and WDA


Cases Tried: 

  • Using same network connection, we can deploy the same image to another Wyse 7020 client (2.0E BIOS installed)
  • Re-imaging a Wyse Client via USB with an older image (BIOS is not downgraded from 2.0F), unable to image afterwards via WDM.
  • Updating HAgent to WDA did not work.
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