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Powerterm settings

Powerterm settings

Hello Everyone,

We just got in a V30LE Windows CE thin client. We got it in to replace an earlier 3150SE Thin OS thin client that displays 911 call information. The communications program included with it had an option to stick a LF after of every RECEIVED CR on a serial connection. Practically every communications program for Windows not CE has that option. I have not been able to find a setting to tell PowerTerm to do this. They have an option to add a LF to OUTGOING CR, but I can not find anything for INCOMING CR.

Without this the information just goes over top of the previous line and at the end of the dump the remote system sends a line of spaces so I am not seeing anything on the screen, except as it is receiving it, but it does it so quick you can't read it.

Does anyone know if there is a place in the settings to have Powerterm display a CR/LF after just receiving a CR?

Thank you for any help,

John Wolf

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