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Problem with opening TCP/IP connections on XPe

Problem with opening TCP/IP connections on XPe

Hi all -

I'm trying to work through an issue with a new piece of software in our V90LE/XPe environment. The client half of an internally written (Delphi/Remobjects platform) doesn't function properly on XP embedded, and thus far I've been unable to figure out why.

The application opens as normal, but for some reason does not open a outbound TCP connection when it's supposed to (it functions perfectly on a standard XP Pro machine, as well as on Windows 7). There's no firewall or anything on the machine, and Process Explorer shows no attempt to make an outbound connection.

I've even traced the execution of the application via Process Monitor and there's no attempt to hook the winsock dll to actually make the outgoing connection. I've also checked it with Dependency Walker and I don't appear to be missing any critical DLLs (there are a couple of DLLs missing, but they are also missing on the working XP Pro machine, so I have no reason to think it's related). I ran an execution trace with Dependency Walker and saw the same results. 

Does anybody have a thought about why this might be happening? Is there some API function that doesn't function the same way on XP embedded? I've searched online extensively and have been unable to find any information about what might be going on here. 

Thanks for any suggestions.