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Prompting for proxy

Prompting for proxy


We use C90LEW devices and Citrix plugin 12.1 and IE8

When in a Citrix session using IE7 and HDX enabled I get a pop-up requesting proxy credentials to be entered. We do use a proxy but have pass through authentication from a users AD account.

I noticed though the pop-up wasnt a window from the Citrix session (as I initially presumed) but from the WES desktop.

I checked nothing is trying to update e.g. Java

Any ideas then how when browsing content enabled sites in a Citrix session that can prompt the WES to request proxy authentication?


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RE: Prompting for proxy

I have a filter at school and it doesn't let me do anything and when i try to go to a site for an anonymous proxy it has those sites blocked. Is there a way i can manually change my proxy address or is there free software i can use to do it for me? Thanks.

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