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Wyse 3125SE Firmware Pull Issue.

Wyse 3125SE Firmware Pull Issue.

I used the Wyse USB Firmware Tool and created a USB that is supposed to Pull the Firmware off of a Wyse so that I can then Push it onto another unit which has completely lost it's firmware.

I am following the directions to the t on how to Pull the Firmware, but at no point am I receiving or seeing anything during the boot up. The unit powers on and then goes straight to the main screen. I have tried this USB on a 3150 and with this unit I do reach a point where I can pull the Firmware off of it.

I am using a Verbatim STORE N GO 5.00 as the USB.

Any ideas would be appreciated.

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RE: Wyse 3125SE Firmware Pull Issue.

Those hardware platforms do not support USB boot. 
The support hardware list from the USB firmware admin guide:
• Windows CE (v5.x or v6.x): 
CAUTION: For devices running Windows CE, only the Copy option (to pull a firmware 
image from a source device and then push that image to a target device) and the 
Replicate option (to duplicate an already configured USB key containing the contents 
you want from a source device) are supported (the Update option is not supported).
· C30LE
· S30
· V30
· V30L
· V30LE

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