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Wyse S30 VMWare View 4.5 Password Authentication Error

Wyse S30 VMWare View 4.5 Password Authentication Error

Wondering if anyone can help, we have recently upgraded our system to a VMWare enviroment, we are running VMWare View 4.5 client on a combination of Wyse S30s, HP ThinPro T5565s, various laptops and desktops. We are having intermittent issues when user passwords expire or when we are resetting them on AD, majority of the time it will allow the user to change their password but sometimes it will come up with "Authentication Failed" with no explanation, the passwords entered are definately meeting the password criteria set on our group policy. When viewing the event viewer on our domain controller it comes up with the following error:


According to this error its either the password being input incorrectly or the client time not matching the KDC . I can clarify that its neither of those at fault so it's left us stuck as to why this is happening, it's strange how it's only happening on the Wyse S30s.

If anyone has any ideas it would be greatly appreciated.

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