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C90LE7 freezing up

C90LE7 freezing up

Users are complaining that thin terminals that are running Windows 7e are freezing, then after 5-10 min the system comes back. ( I do not have the sleep option in power settings turned on)

I have swapped out Keyboard, Mouse, and, Thin Terminal. no matter what I do the terminal keeps locking up. We are using Citrix XenApp, with the Citrix 12.1 web client on all termainls for published applications.

However I have multiple other terminals that are running both Windows Embedded Standard 2009 and Linux. and none of those users say that they have experienced this issue. So I'm thinking that there has to be an issue with the C90LE7 terminals.

I have also swapped units in different locations with the issue following the C90LE7 unit.

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