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Can i install WDA to Wyse 7020 WES7?


I have old wyse thin client 7020 and i am using wyse 5070 that use WMS, can i install WDA into 7020 and register it to my current WMS server since i dont use WDM anymore?If yes, how?

Thank you.

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Re: Can i install WDA to Wyse 7020 WES7?

There are two ways that I can think of:


WESMigrationUtil.exe [WDA_Agent_Installer] [WMS_Server_and_Port]

For example: WESMigrationUtil.exe WDA_14.4.0.135_Unified.exe

Please note that this would register your client within the unmanaged section (quarantine) first and then you can move it to a desired group. If you are unable to get a copy of the import tool, sign up for a free trial of WMS Cloud Subscription and download from WMS Cloud Site (do not import keys to On-premise server as it will lock it forever as a Pro server).

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