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D90D7/5010 Last firmware not uploaded?

7064 is the last firmware available for this model, but WMS 1.2 and 1.3 claims in their release notes as mandatory for those 5010 to be on firmware version 7076 or 7077,

It´s an error and nobody uploaded it to the website, so it´s not available?
Or this means our model are completly dropped and someones write release notes with this mistake?

If it´s dropped, there´s any conversion kit to replace WES7 with ThinOS?



Thank to everyone

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Re: D90D7/5010 Last firmware not uploaded?

It looks like that is the current, latest build of WES7 for the 5010/D90D7.

The biggest thing you need to be compatible is the Wyse Device Agent (WDA) build.

Use WDA 14.3 and you should be fine with that WES build.


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Re: D90D7/5010 Last firmware not uploaded?

WMS through v1.4.1 support 7064 as listed in the release notes. You can also use the latest WDA agent on WES7.

Just remember that support for Windows Embedded Standard 7 concludes in October 2020. Consider migrating to the latest hardware offerings. 

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