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D90D7 - USB Image deployment

D90D7 - USB Image deployment

Is it possible to push out images to the D90D7 model with the USB Firmware tool. I am trying to pull an image from a D90D7 but the usb drive is not show when booting while holding down P key. Any help is appreciated. I dont currently have WDM.

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RE: D90D7 - USB Image deployment

1. Attach USB drive (configured using procedure USB deployment tool.

2. Power the D90D7 on while holding the Delete key

3. Enter the password when prompted (Fireport)
4. Select the "Advanced" tab and arrow down to the 2nd option (Power Loss Recovery)≫ (Always ON)

5. On that same Advance tab go to the 10th option down select the "Boot From USB" option, press Enter and Select "Enabled"

6. Now tap to the right 3 times to “boot order”

7. Adjust boot option with the – key until USB drive is the first option, Local drive is 2nd and flash drive 3rd

8. Press the F10 key and save your configuration, TC will reboot on its own.

9. TC will automatically mount USB and TC will display (Critical operation) screen and ask one or two questions.

10. TC will automatically mount USB and begin process. Answer YES to any questions (may be one or two question depending on the way the old image was configured.

11. When prompted, remove USB drive and allow TC to reboot

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