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Losing trust relationship with domain

Losing trust relationship with domain


I have about 30 C90LE7's deployed in my environment joined to the domain. Citrix Desktop Lock is installed so when a domain user logs in, they are presented with a Citrix XenApp Desktop, and not the WES7 desktop.

If a thin client is rebooted or off the network for 30 days, the next time a user attemps to log in they are presented with a domain trust relationship error. What is happening is the WES7 thin client is requesting a machine account password change with the domain controller and the thin client does not retain the password after a reboot. From everything I've read in the Wyse Knowledge Base and else where, the RegFilter in WES7 should automatically retain the password. I'm using C90LE7 image BCB0_0827_4096.

Anyone else experience this problem?

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