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RDP problem with Dell Wyse Z90DE7

RDP problem with Dell Wyse Z90DE7


We get an error when using the Dell Wyse Z90DE7. There is an extra video card (Matrox Epica TC20 +) installed. We have 6 of these thin clients purchased to use in a production environment at one of our customers. They use the thin clients to connect to a virtual machine with RDP.

The problem is that approximately every day one of the thin clients gets the error message: "Because of a protocol error this session will be disconnected please try connecting to remote computer again". After closing the RDP connection the operator must manually start a new connection.

I already looked up this error message on the web and forums, but without an usable solution. Also, a month ago I have opened a support case on the website of Wyse (support.wyse.com/.../ibuhpage.jsp) and contacted our supplier. The supplier already gave a solution, but also that didn't work.

Information about the setup:
- 6x Dell Wyse Z90DE7 with Matrox Epica TC20 +
- Firmware version: v9.04 B858
- There are 4 monitors conntected to each client (with three DVI and one VGA)
- They connect with RDP to a virtual machine. The VM OS is Windows 7 Enterprise SP1 64bit.
- Everything is connected directly to a Cisco 2960

We also have a desktop PC at the customer to test the RDP connection and this PC does not experience any problems.

Procedure we got from our supllier:

- Installation of the latest WES7 build which can be downloaded here (choose number 10 download, build 858)
- Installation of latest NIC driver version which can be downloaded here (choose for Win7 and Server 2008 R2)
- Installation of the latest RDP client which can be downloaded here. When WDM is not used you have to go through the following steps:
o login as Administrator with the FBWF disabled (icon is red)
o unpack the RDP8.1 download in c:\temp of the thin client
o run the following commands in a command prompt:
"wusa.exe c:\Temp\Windows6.1-KB2574819-v2-x86.MSU /quiet /norestart"
"wusa.exe c:\Temp\Windows6.1-KB2857650-x86.msu /quiet /norestart"
"wusa.exe c:\Temp\Windows6.1-KB2830477-x86.msu /quiet /norestart"
"wusa.exe c:\Temp\Windows6.1-KB2913751-x86.msu /quiet /norestart"
- Reboot the thin client and remove after the reboot the contents of c:\Windows\SoftwareDistribution\Download

All help is appreciated!


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