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USB Card Reader in Citrix not working

Question USB Card Reader in Citrix not working

Hi Guys/Girls,

We currently are using V90 with no issues but some of our older Wyse terminals(3150se) are getting upgrading to Zx0.
Anyway, the USB is not being recongnized in Citrix. We usually have to change the drive to X and it works fine in citrix.
BUT now we are changing the the drive letter in as admin user. Able to open the drive fine locally, but when you now log out as admin and in as user. Then open citrix the drive is not there. We have tried a few different steps to try getting it to work.
Even went to the extreme and opened group policy and looked from something that could be stopping it. All that was found was the policy. All Removeable Storage: Allow direct access in remote sessions. Enabled that but still nothing.

Could someone please help or is this question better in the Citrix forum?

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