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Wyse X90C7 routing / dhcp issues / IP rip error

Unhappy Wyse X90C7 routing / dhcp issues / IP rip error

Hello everyone,

I'm hoping someone has run into this problem before because it is happening frequently to our mobile thin clients and we have no explanation for it.

Basically the issue we have is that when using wireless on either model mobile thin client listed, we get into a state where we get an IP address from DHCP (which is being served by a windows dhcp server at a remote office) but can only ping devices on our internal subnet. Intermittently we will gain access to the internet but then it will drop off with a windows message in the wireless box saying "No internet connectivity". This happens no matter what user is logged on. Even local administrator.

When you look at the event log under system on the x90c7 you see the entry Event ID 29031, Source IPRIP. "IPRIP was unable to add a route to the system route table. The data is the error code."

We are using EAP/TLS wireless authentication, and have set exceptions on the write filter according to wyse's guide for this device, and the device is downloading the certificate needed to gain authentication so we do not believe it to be an issue there.

As far as our network equipment goes we are using Cisco routers on each side of the WAN and we are using EIGRP on those routers.

Any advice would be great. Thanks.

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