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Wyse Z90S7 setup questions.

Wyse Z90S7 setup questions.

I hope someone can help as Wyse doesnt seem to want to contact me with support.

We use Wyse C00x withe the WTOS.
We use WDM to configure which WNOS.ini file the machines get so they can connect to the appropriate xendesktop session usine Autoconnect=.

They work great, but we had a problem with the instructor stations due to them having touch screens on the desktop instead of regular monitors and the touchscreens were pulling way too much power out of the USB ports causing thumbdrives to not work.

So we opted to try these WES7 embedded models. (Wyse z90s7) and they work great.

Now my problem is how do I Make it so it will pull the correct .xml file.
Here is what I want.
User logs in and they get the correct xendesktop.
I want it to work like the WNOS.ini way we are doing it like I stated above.

Right now the problem is I am using WCM to make a configuration file (.xml) and have it on our WDM server in the C:\inetpub\ftproot\Wyse\WES7 folder.
When I go to Wyse Configuration manager on the Z90s7 and try to import a .xml config file from the ftp server, it connects, but it tries to look for a .xml file that starts with the users login name.

I can't do it per user as we have a bunch of students/staff and I can't use a generic login because it would be way too confusing to them.

I just want them to login, connect to the correct session and have the logon pass through and they be on the correct xendesktop.
Then when they log off have the whole machine reboot.

I hope I am clear and someone can help me.

Thank you.

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