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issue with C90LE7, monitor and printing

issue with C90LE7, monitor and printing

i did the image of the C90LE7, configured the monitor to show 1280x1024. installed a printer, a mouse. all this for the local user.
now, when i plug in a different model of monitor, the 1280x1024 is not kept, it comes back to 800x600, the mousse ans keyboard get install again (same model but different ones...).

of course, even if the user set the correct settings for the monitor, upon reboot, the write filter wipe this off and comes back to 800x600, also the mouse and keyboard get reintalled.
also, even if i installed the printer driver localy, when using the same model of printer but a different one, it install it again.

all is usb.

is there a way to ethier install this and all printers of the same model, mouse, keyboard and monitor stay with the setting?
or a way that even with the write filter on, the setting set by the users are kept?

thank you for youe help

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