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Extended Desktop WysePro 2

Hello all!

Any help with this would be GREATLY APPRECIATED. I am currently replacing desktops in our facility with Xenith Wyse Pro 2 units. (DxOD). I can configure dual head monitors to mirror or span but I can NOT configure them to act as extended desktop. I Have one monitor connected via DP and one via DVI. Both come on, and operate, but only as above. CCM only has two options for display configuration;Mirror and Span. How can I configure these units for extended desktop??

I am running Wyse Xenith (2.0_211)

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RE: Extended Desktop WysePro 2

Extended mode is an option for RDP connections. The configuration of the monitors is for the OS Desktop only, which can be Spanned (across both monitors) or mirror. Once you connect to Citrix, Citrix Controls the monitor behavior. For details on how Citrix controls this, please review the following document:

Roger Montalvo

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