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Native Webcam support - Xenith with XenApp 6

Native Webcam support - Xenith with XenApp 6

we're exploring the possiblities with Xenith and R10 clients and are currently looking at the support for webcams in collaboration with Office Communications Server (OCS).

We've done the configuration server wise and confirmed it working with our laptops. I know webcams work through a XenDesktop connection on Wyse clients, but what about XenApp?

After spending some time searching for a solution, blogging and posting treads on several forums, I've heard rumors that the only supported webcam nativly on the Xenith is Logitech Pro 9000. I've got that webcam but can't get it working with my Xenapp 6 installation. Anyone got it working without TCX?

The next question goes for the Branch Repeater support. The whitepaper says that the clients are BR aware. What does that mean? Do we still have to have a BR locally on our branch locations or does it work as a BR client incorporated in WTOS?

Hope someone at Wyse takes the time to answer this...


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