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Problem with Wyse System Version 8.3_012

Hi All,

I have problem with USB redirection on the Thin clients. We are using Dell Thin client ver 8.3_012.

The WNOS.ini is configured to connect to Citrix storefront and we are using Citrix Xenapp 7.9. In the Citrix policy, I have allowed USB redirection. So for testing , I have connected 2 USB sticks to Thin client. One USB is formatted with FAT32 and other is formatted with NTFS.

My question FAT32 USB disk is detected on Citrix but NTFS formatted USB is not showing up?. Any ideas.



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Re: Problem with Wyse System Version 8.3_012

NTFS drives are not supported. You can use FAT or FAT32 drives only.

Roger Montalvo

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