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Wyse Management Suite 1.1

I have recently deployed WMS on Windows 2012 R2 new VM as the previous deployment did not check devices or support VNC for some reason.

For new deployment I installed WMS before installing AV or any tools and only install Windows updates and assigned temporary IP address of supported on network range, which is the process we follow to get server on domain by assigning last octet to recently deployed server. Once we know server is ready for production we allocate permanent IP allocated by network team

It worked fine with the temp IP and as soon as I changed the IP it stopped sending remote command like send message, remote restart and remote hostname change which was all working.

I did DNS flush /registration on WMS, DC and my workstation. Rebooted WMS server. VNC works but remaining three option does not work.

I even try to assign old IP back and rolled back to new when old IP had same issue.

NSlookup is working fine, DNS has dynamically updated host A record. cleared the cache. 

No new event has been generated from yesterday. Devices shows checked in. The devices that did not checked in was able to update time stamp after unregistered, deleting unregistered record and resetting to factory default.

Some functions are working better than old server and I decommissioned old VM and re-purpose the same IP to new one and I started noticing remote messaging, restart and host-name issues

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Re: Wyse Management Suite 1.1

Wyse Management Suite uses several databases where the "Initially Configured" IP address is stored as part of its configuration. Changing the Server's IP Address breaks the communication between the server and the clients because the IP Address changed is not modified in the DB tables. If you are familiar with Databases, there are some basic instructions on making these changes in the WMS Quick Start Guide

It is recommended that you have a "Locally Assigned" IP Address on the server, before you install the server. The same goes for the Server Name.


Hope this helps.

Roger Montalvo

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