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Wyse Zero 5010 (909639-01L) & Wyse Zero 5010 (909861-02L)

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Dear All,

I have a question about using a 'Wyse WE8S Client' to replace a 'Wyse Zero Clients'.

Currently we are using Wyse Zero 5010 D00Dx (909639-01L) in our system, which (909639-01L) is ‘Wyse Zero Clients’.  We are going to extend our system by adding some Wyse Zero 5010 (909861-02L) onto our system. In my understand, (909861-02L) is WE8S embedded. Is there anyone know if I could use 'Wyse WE8S Client' in our system? How we could setup it?

Thanks in advance.


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RE: Wyse Zero 5010 (909639-01L) & Wyse Zero 5010 (909861-02L)

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Wyse Zero clients are purpose built and only include the interface for either Citrix or VMware. The WE8S thin clients include the interfaces for Windows, Citrix and VMware infrastructures, all you need to do is configure the appropriate client as if you are connecting from a Windows PC. If you connect to a Citrix environment, you would use the Citrix receiver to configure your connection. Information for how to configure the Citrix receiver can be found at: You need to know what version of the Citrix receiver is installed on your thin client.

Roger Montalvo