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XD 7.15 LTSR Wyse 5010 Zero Client (Citrix) / D00DX

When will a new firmware be released that supports the LTSR version of XenDesktop 7.15? After upgrading from 7.6 to 7.15 my Dx0D running 8.3_014 can no longer connect due to a certificate error on https.

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RE: XD 7.15 LTSR Wyse 5010 Zero Client (Citrix) / D00DX


8.3_014 is obsolete and it's 6 versions behind current version. As Citrix changes its infrastructure and/or features, ThinOS needs to be upgraded to use or properly function with these updates. You may want to download the current firmware 8.4_108 from the Dell Digital Locker and try it on a couple of devices to see if it resolves your issue, or you may want to review the release notes for all the version in between to see if your issue has been addressed. If your issue has been addressed by the latest firmware, you should contact Dell support and state your case so it can be considered as a future enhancement to ThinOS.

Roger Montalvo