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Xenith 2 / no german error messages / german.msg

hey guys,

i`m struggeling with wnos.ini/xen.ini. i`m trying to change the system language with locals=German.
first look it`s ok, but on second there are still messages (mostly the error messages) in english like network connect/disconnect or wrong password at sign-in or password expired etc.

When i look at the log i see an entry "locale/German.msg: No such device or address. for me it seems there are missing something in the file German.msg. Same with French.msg.

If i open up the files, English.msg has about 3.200 lines, where German.msg and French.msg have 59 lines of code. maybe it`s a syntax error?

do anyone know how to fix this?

thx a lot!

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RE: Xenith 2 / no german error messages / german.msg

You may want to look at the attached file. It explain what you need to know about localization.

Roger Montalvo

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