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I have a customer that test Xenith Pro.
He has a Citrix XenApp 6 farm and launch a published desktop. In the citrix policies everything is allowed for drive mapping and usb mapping.
He is unable to map usb drive except usb drive formatted in FAT16 or FAT32.

is it a product limitation ?

Thank you for your help

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RE: Xenith Pro

Yes if I remember correcly the Xenith [Pro] series don't have an NTFS driver. That means it can't be mounted locally then mapped over the network. But I believe that does not mean you are desperate here. Your client can still activate USB redirection and get the USB key mounted in windows directly. This will add some overhead due to the USB protocol getting across the link but it might not be that much slower. The biggest problem with this might be security. You will have to look for a way to authorize only certain type of hardwares here. I don't know if Citrix developped such an option. But it would be very cool to have it.

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RE: Xenith Pro

It's all about USB redirection! USB Keys are only known and supported if they use a native Driver! All other USB Devices have to be redirected through Citrix.

First you need to set up a file distribution area, after that you have to maintain a xen.ini file, last you need Citrix GPO for USB usage

It took me about a week to set up a reliable working solution.

There are several useful Documents about this subject.

    Administrators Guide, WyseXenith, Issue:053110,PN883940-01 Rev. A

    Reference Guide, Wyse ThinOS INI Files, Issue:020911, PN: 883922-01 Rev. E

    Release Notes, Dell Wyse Xenith Release 2.0 Buuild 210/211, Issue: 012714 Rev.A, General Release

Some of these may be available in a more actual Release by now!

Many of thinOS INI Files even works with Wyse Xenith! It's useful to try them.

If you once have a USB Device running there are several methods to limit the use by user or device.

It is always a pair of activated Features in Xen.ini and allowed or disallowed function in Citrix GPO!

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