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Xenith tx0 Trap: Data abort

 Exclamation Xenith tx0 Trap: Data abort 

Hello, I am having this issue with a particular user.
I got this error messages when the user leave the computer idle for a few minutes.

Trap: data abort, EIP 0xc0146f00, CR2 0xa5a
T00_xen 2.0_105: [ip address] (hub daemon:11)

Trap: data abort, EIP 0xc01a8b90, CR2 0x302046f
T00_xen 2.0_105: [ip address] (screen saver:7)

this two messages prompt me to reboot the terminal but I would like to find a better solution than power cycle.


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RE: Xenith tx0 Trap: Data abort

Trap errors are normally an indication of a problem on the firmware. I would go ahead and get the latest firmware (HF 2.0_214) installed on the device to see if it takes care of the problem.




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