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Xenith very slow through Citrix Secure Gateway

Xenith very slow through Citrix Secure Gateway

Hi All,

As it turns out this problem is way different than I originally posted so I am changing the entire post.

The environment:
-Citrix XenDesktop 4
-Windows 7 VMs
-Citrix Secure Gateway (3.2)
-Wyse Xenith (system ver 1.0.0_20)
-LAN Network (100Mbps)

When I access Virtual Desktops through CSG with the Xenith, the interaction with the desktop is very slow. Mouse movement looks fine, but, clicking (right or left) on anything has a 1-5 second latency, video is totally out of the question, programs load fast, network interaction on the VM is normal. When I say "very slow" this should be interpreted to mean unusable.

When I connect directly (no CSG) with the Xenith, everything is perfect (including Video). Unfortunately this is not going to be a good option to use permanently for reasons that are beyond my control.

At this point you may be thinking the problem is CSG, but, when I connect to the same VMs through CSG with a thick client, everything is perfect.

I suspect there is some kind of performance problem with the Xenith and SSL connection to the CSG. I am using a GeoTrust Certificate and the CA is loaded on the Xenith as you can see below.

Any suggestions would be appreciated. Maybe there is a firmware update for Xenith? I can't find one if there is.


My xen.ini has:
#************************************************* ***********************
# SHCC Xen.ini file
#************************************************* ***********************

#Wyse Xenith will only replace local engine if an upgrade is available


#Default domain to show at login page


#Timezone on client

TimeZone="GMT - 05:00" ManualOverride=yes TimeZoneName="Eastern Standard Time"

#Global Certificates to Add

#Device Admin
AdminMode=yes Username=**** Password=****

#Resolution=1024x768,1280x1024,1600x1200 Refresh=60,75,85

#Sysmode=vdi toolbardisablemouse=no toobarclick=no toolbardelay=0 toolbar_no_conmgr=no toolbardisablehotkey=no
Privilege=Low LockDown=no HideSysInfo=no HidePPP=yes EnableNetworkTest=yes ShowDisplaySettings=yes EnableKeyboardMouseSettings=yes KeepDHCPRequestIP=no

#Disable Device VNC

#SessionConfig=ICA ProgressiveDisplay=yes

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RE: Xenith very slow through Citrix Secure Gateway

Are you using Access Gateway in "CSG Mode" or you actually have CSG installed on a standalone PC/server?



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