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CA SSL regarded as unknown by P20

CA SSL regarded as unknown by P20

My company paid big bucks for a CA SSL for our VMware View Connection and Security Servers. The SSL is known/respected by all browsers (for Blast Gateway) and on the VMware View Client for Windows/Mac/iOS/Android.

The P20, however regards the SSL as unknown. Is this a mistake?

Our industry is finance and we are subject to SSAE 16 requirements. I don't believe we can use this device if it does not accept SSLs issued by Certificate Authorities.

Here is the info on our device:
MAC Address: 00-80-64-**-**-**
Unique Identifier: 0A34*************************************
Serial Number: 9F************
Firmware Part Number: FW023004
Hardware Version: 770591-02L

Firmware Version: 4.1.2
Firmware Build ID: r4_1_2@14565
Firmware Build Date: Aug 20 2013 12:16:44

PCoIP Processor Family: Tera2
PCoIP Processor Revision: 0.0

Bootloader Version: 1.3.0
Bootloader Build ID: r4_1@14036
Bootloader Build Date: Apr 4 2013 15:48:06

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