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P20, VMWare View 4.6, and Printers

P20, VMWare View 4.6, and Printers

I'm trying to get 2 HP printers to work on the wyse P20 client in VMWare.

HP Laserjet P1102w
HP Laserjet P1006

the 1102w won't even successfully install the drivers.
the 1006 drivers install, but you can't print to the printer once installed.

Ive read things about DOT4 support in vmware such as this article: http://www.conetrix.com/Blog/post/Pr...ware-View.aspx

No luck however. These printers work fine via thinprint on a desktop environment with view 4.6, but not with WYSE. Is there any known solution to this? This seems to be an issue with quite a few people, many of which end up using network printers. This is not an option in my situation. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

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