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Thinprint takes a long time to map printers on P25 zero client

Thinprint takes a long time to map printers on P25 zero client

We are working on a POC of Horizon View 5.3, and are down to an issue with thinprint/autoconnect. We've not had any luck with Dell services (who did our initial setup).

If I connect to a View desktop from the client on my PC, the printers map and show up almost instantly. I can run 'tpautoconnect.exe -d all' and 'tpautoconnect.exe -v' manually and they are removed and then remapped very rapidly.

But from the Wyse P25, it is a different situation. It takes a full two minutes for the printers to be mapped at logon. After they get mapped, I can run the two autoconnect.exe commands and it will will run much faster, but does pop up the 'no client found' message box. It also lists the protocol as WTS, where the fat client shows PCoiP. The P25 should also be using PCoiP. Something just doesn't seem right here. Is there something I should be looking for, or is it normal for it to take that long to initially map the printers upon logon from a zero client?

Our intention is to roll out the P25s as desktop replacements to our call center staff.

I have included below the output from the autoconnect commands, the first from the P25 and the second from the fat client for comparison.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.


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