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Wyse P20 Mouse Synchornization problem

Wyse P20 Mouse Synchornization problem 

We are in the process of deploying Wyse P20s in our organization.
Our users report that when they login to the Windows 7 SP1 virtual desktop (via PCoIP VMWare View 4.6) at the beginning of the day, the mouse pointer on the Windows 7 desktop is not "where it is supposed to be"

i.e. the user intents to click on position A (X1,Y1) but the mouse pointer is actually showing/working at position B (X2,Y2) - where X1,Y1,X2,Y2 represents the co-ordinates on the screen.

How the users have been dealing with this is to hit the power button on the Wyse P20 to "disconnect" their VDI session so they are back to the login screen. Once they log back in, the mouse co-ordinates will synchoronize properly.

This is happening daily for some users and at least every other day for the remainder of users.

This is also happening on different Dell monitors, single or dual monitors.
We are using the default Wyse keyboard and mouse that came with the device.

Please help!


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