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Wyse P20 SSL Certificate Installation?

Wyse P20 SSL Certificate Installation?

We are running a Microsoft Certificate Authority on the domain for self-signing certificates for local servers. I have created a certificate and installed it on our VMware View 5.1 server, and it SSL works through the web browser, and through the VMware client.

However, on the P20 thin client, though I can export the certificate from the server and install it on the P20, it still will not connect stating that:

-The host name in the certificate is invalid or does not match

-The supplied certificate has invalid or incorrect key usage

Upon clicking on the "Show Certificate" button, all of the fields are listed as empty.

I'm at a loss as everything is working from the view client.

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RE: Wyse P20 SSL Certificate Installation?

I'm sorry to reply to your post without being of direct assistance
If you could tell me how you got the certificate both exported from your CA and successfully installed on your P20s, I'd be massively grateful. As per my own post adjacent yours, I cannot make this happen.


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