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won't work with a Dell SK-8135 keyboard? Ironic...

E00 - won't work with a Dell SK-8135 keyboard? Ironic...

Hoping someone can shed some light on how to proceed. I currently have a classroom of computers running Windows Multipoint Server 2012. Each computer runs only two stations (these are older desktops that we're using for cost reasons). Each station is a Dell SK-8135 keyboard (which has two USB ports built in) with a mouse plugged into one of the USB ports on the keyboard. The monitors are connected directly to the computer, not using a zero client.
I just purchased a brand new Dell computer and three Wyse E00 zero clients, and I'm trying to set them up in much the same way as before. I'm trying this with one small section of the classroom before I try to do the whole thing. It is a fresh install of Multipoint Server 2012, and I did install Update Rollup 1. I have one keyboard/mouse combo connected to a USB hub, using that as my "base" station. This works perfectly. I installed the driver from the Wyse website for the E00, then connected those three keyboard/mouse combos to the three Wyse E00's. None of these three keyboards work, whether I plug the mouse into the keyboard or plug them separately into the E00. If I swap out the SK-8135 that is plugged into an E00 for the new USB keyboard that came with the new computer, the keyboard is instantly recognized and that station works fine.
My question is this: is there anything I can do on the Multipoint Server 2012 computer to get these SK-8135 keyboards to work on the E00 boxes so that I don't have to replace 30 keyboards? I also like the idea of being able to run the mouse through the SK-8135 to save one of the E00's USB ports for USB drives, if possible.
If anyone has an idea, I'm open. Right now, it looks like I'm going to hold off converting the lab and may have to look at different zero clients.

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