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Brand new XPS 8920 freezing while gaming

I'll list all my specs at the end of this post. But basically the game screen will occasionally (about once an hour) freeze/ lock up for 5-10 seconds at a time, and will also sometimes completely freeze permanently and force me to close the game via task manager. Whenever this happens and I am forced to close the game via task manager, the PC will become very slow and unresponsive (e.g. unable to relaunch the game), and needs to be restarted before it will work properly again.

Barely installed anything on it so far other than avast antivirus. All drivers appear to be up to date. I updated graphical drivers through the Nvidia GeForce software that came pre-installed on the system. The Dell Help & Support program also states that all my drivers are current.


-Windows 10 Home 64

-Intel i7-7700 3,6GHz


-GeForce GTX 1070

-OS is installed on 224GB ssd

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Re: Brand new XPS 8920 freezing while gaming

Have you read these?

The Search feature on this brand new version of Dell's forum won't find threads in the previous version, unless you remember to change the search parameter to Community (DUH!), because this XPS-specific board didn't exist in the prior version. So Google is your friend, and there are other threads to be found on this topic.




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