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Dell 8900 motherboard question

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Hello, my service tag is <Service tag removed>........... I bought this pc and have upgraded it part by part as i could afford it. I was told that it wasn't possible to change case because dell's mb is a specific type. this type that only works with a custom case. i was hoping somebody could help me determine if this is a valid claim. I am sorry if it comes across as a stupid question. i wasn't sure, i was hoping for help from somebody better informed on the subject to lend assistance 

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Re: Dell 8900 motherboard question

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Dell's are custom.  

For starters, they use proprietary and undocumented front panel case connections for some or all depending on model. Dell uses proprietary case and CPU cooler fans that are detected by the BIOS and if non-Dell's are used you will always get a fan failure notice at power on and have to press an F key to bypass.  The motherboard mounting holes are not standard or as many mounting holes.  The motherboard rear I/O shield is built into the case on most, not an insert like standard ATX motherboards/cases.  

Its possible to install it in a non-Dell case, but you are basically "on your own" to overcome the stumbling blocks.




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Re: Dell 8900 motherboard question

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All of the proprietary issues can be overcome but its not cookie cutter.

None of this is going to be spoon fed step by step.

Some Dell fans use swapped wiring and some use proprietary connectors for the fans.



The front panel audio and other connectors are not documented but you can trace the wires and figure it out.  Dell does not publish this.


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The front panel audio for example.


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